Tuesday, August 5, 2014


 Customs practiced in repetitious enslavement ending in absolution do not necessarily inspire a man of faith, but allude to a more insidious routine of sin, save, sin. 

The man understands his faith and he may practice it daily but that does not mean he believes it. Lily believed no one should be a slave to another be they God or mortal and enforced this belief through a debacle of loitering among the lacquered pews in a blatant act of rebellion, and by with-holding herself from joining the teeming sheep lined up for the sake of safe ignorance. 

As far as she was concerned, Kennedy was the last honest president. 

She watched her father's long pant suited legs bend to kneel before Mrs. Beatrice Cook, a member of the congregation who lived in their neighborhood, and he dipped his head to receive the blood of Christ.  She remembered dinner the night before.

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