Saturday, May 30, 2009

If I'm Alice, does that make Las Vegas my wonderland?

The Caterpillar: The man soaking in a tub of self doubt and mid life crisis, locked in his mind yields the oldest secrets.
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum: One is small and the other smaller. Instead of male, what goes on between their legs is a considerable tale.
The Mad Hatter: Tattoos on both wrists to ink his maxim. He writes to stay sane (insane) and drowns in a delirious confusion; dying to live yet living to die; white eating the black, praying for the party to end for it to begin.
The March Hare: He lives away from old friends. His home is the bottom of a tea pot and drinks trying to make sense of one word.
The White Rabbit: The boy who's looking for himself (the late bloomer)with the modest nose ring and red vest. Name tag reads CS.
The Queen Of Hearts: Could be two, could be few! Everyone has a dark side.
The Cheshire Cat: White house, wood floors, looming windows, disorienting smile, cold; The Endless Laybrinth, filled with lying foot notes; death to The House Of Leaves; the smile of a criminal.

"You are the caterpillar in my life," She sighed and banged her head against the oak table.

The other exhaled smoke with a wry smirk, "Who else did you expect?"

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  1. We bang our wrists together to the sound of children crying. "The end is near! Hold on my Dear," as the smoke and ash begin to rise. Lock your doors and wait for no one.. There is no one alive.

    Hello, I'm the Mad Hatter.